Effective equipment management is, to a large extent, reliant on the relationships between the people in the supply chain. It is not enough for senior management to have a good relationship, there needs to be good cooperation between the pallet controllers of both companies.

We all mark pallet controllers up or down depending on how they treat us. Sometimes it may be that the pallet controller is acting under instructions but nevertheless will be assigned the blame when cooperation seems to be missing.

In the grand scheme of things supply chain management revolves around companies in a supply chain working together to eliminate waste and costs from the supply chain. This could be by aiming to provide full truck loads or by sharing production forecasts, etc.

If the theories of supply chain management were to be applied to pallet control then there would be a lot less lost equipment and overall participants in the supply chain would have lower costs

If you want to apply supply chain management principles to your equipment management then get in touch with us. This could revolutionise the way your company deals with pallets and other hired equipment. We would talk to the different members of the supply chain to arrive at a process that would minimise the risk of pallet losses to all participants in the supply chain.

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