Lost pallets hit your cash flow every month

Lost pallets are an ongoing liability

Our professional pallet controllers do their best to recover your lost pallets.  Time is critical.  The older the claim the more difficult recovery becomes.  Don’t wait any longer.

Our company has many years of experience!

During our work we developed our approach to pallet recovery.  We are experts at analysing transaction history and we know who to contact.

  • Transaction history analysis;
  • Pallet document checking;
  • Raise claims on trading partners.

Lost pallet considerations

We provide various businesses with lost pallet recovery services to help our clients improve their cash flow and minimise their liability

Some trading partners say they will not accept claims older than six months.

This could be their policy.  It does not mean that it will stand up to legal challenge.

The action that you take could depend on your relationship with the other party.

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Claims are more likely to succeed if there is adequate documentation signed by the other party.

Ensure that you have a good filing system so that you can find documentation when needed.  Scanning pallet documentation can be a great option.

If lost pallets cannot be recovered then you should consider paying compensation.

Pallet hire companies may be able to assist you work out how best to pay compensation.

The advantages of our company

We work fast

We can analyse your transaction history within 48 hours.

Further support

We put procedure in place so that you do not continue to lose pallets

Dispute resolution

We spent several years working with the Small Business Commissioner to develop a Code of Conduct.  We know how the Small Business Commissioner can help you.

Working on result

Our responsibility is to provide you with the right solutions.

We stand for fair play!

During our work we developed our approach to providing systems and services, and the strategy of working with our clients.

Best Practice

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Frequently asked Questions

Find some useful information.

Pallet hire companies are reluctant to negotiate with third parties.  We can provide advice but the discussion on compensation is normally between the hirer and the hire company.

The first communication is with the other pallet controller.  It can then progress to the other party’s senior management.  If this fails then pallet hire companies may assist but generally they do not get too involved in disputes between two hirers.  Other options are the Small Business Commissioner or legal avenues.

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