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Pallet Control Software

Low cost, easy to set up, easy to use, online equipment control that anyone can use for a low annual fee.  We can transition you from other pallet control systems at no cost.  Click here to find out more.

Lost Pallet Recovery

Account Reconciliation

If you don’t have the resources in house then we can reconcile your CHEP and Loscam invoices for a fixed monthly fee.  No fixed contracts.  Click here to contact us.

Supply Chain Management

Often participants in a supply chain don’t work well together when it comes to pallets.  We bring everyone together so that they work to ensure that costs are minimised and no one in the supply chain loses. Click here to find out more.

Lost Pallet Recovery

If you have lost pallets then acting quickly and having good documentation are the keys.  We can help you but time is against you so don’t delay another day.  Click here to contact us.

Testimonial – Bell Total Logistics

We do our best to look after our customers.  We have been helping Bell Total Logistics in Truganina, Victoria with their pallet management since 2013.  This is what their Victorian branch manager, Salv Salanitri, had to say about Yvonne – one of our account managers.

It’s important for companies of any size to tightly monitor their pallet movements but this is at times complex and confusing.

Palletloss and in particular Yvonne have been instrumental in bringing our account up to date and then continuously monitoring it to make sure none fall through the cracks.

We can have utmost confidence that this is done carefully each month because Yvonne has taken so much care in attending to our account and is a valuable asset for Palletloss and BTL”.


- January 2018


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