Pallet Loss Prevention’s associated company, Pallet Command Software, has used the latest technology to develop an easy to use, online pallet control system.

It has a high degree of automation, designed to make life easier for pallet controllers.  It is also a low cost option based on an annual licence fee.  It helps you manage CHEP and Loscam equipment, is easy to set up which means that you could be up and running within 24 hours.

PalletWatch - heavy duty software
PalletWatch – heavy duty software

PalletWatch is hosted in a secure data centre in Sydney, Australia. Data is backed up daily and will always belong to you.

PalletWatch uses a SQL database backend – this means that it is designed for high volumes.  One database for all your records – no master/slave setup.  Have one database for all your sites.

The SQL database used by PalletWatch has unlimited size so no need to create a new database once you get above 2GB.

PalletWatch is highly automated so less work for pallet controllers:

– Automatic invoice reconciliation means that pallet controllers only have to deal with the exceptions.

– Automatic exports to CHEP and Loscam.

– Automated correction/rejection function sends emails to CHEP and Loscam with the click of a button.

– Request docket copies from trading partners with the click of a button.

PalletWatch has no setup costs, all you pay is your annual licence fee.

Advantages of PalletWatch’s SQL Database

Single Powerful Database

PalletWatch has a highly scaleable SQL database designed for high volumes.  Millions of records handled without breaking a sweat.

PalletWatch is ideal for multi-account or multi-site companies.  It uses a single multi-tenanted SQL database which means that it is easy to maintain trading partners, trading partner terms, etc.  Enter a trading partner once and it can be available for all accounts and all sites.

A single database can be a major time saver in that you don’t have to have do risky manual master/slave export/imports.

Consolidated management reporting is easier with a single database – why would you use anything else?

Save money with PalletWatch
Save money with PalletWatch

Apart from low annual licence fees and no setup fees there is no charge for sites where no data entry is undertaken.

Sign up for PalletWatch and join some of Australia’s best known companies who have already made the switch.

Click here to go to the PalletWatch website.

Don't Wait - Act Now!
Don’t Wait – Act Now!


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